We assist people in the pursuit of their leisure interests. Activities designed for social interaction and designed to promote physical activity and good health.

Residential Services

We provide scheduled support services to our customers both within their home and in a wide variety of community environments.

Transportation Services

Transportation Community Safety Training and 24 hour Emergency Services.

After Hours Emergency System

This service is not a replacement for calling 911. If you feel that you or one of our customers are ill, injured or in danger you are instructed to call 911 immediately. In an effort to better serve its customers our agency uses an enhanced emergency response system. The 24 hour live answered system described below is designed to increase reliability and decrease emergency response time for Vocational, School to Work and Supported Living customers.
Emergency Phone Number: 1-860-656-6556

  • Step 1: Call the number noted above. It will be answered by a live operator.
  • Step 2: The operator will ask. Is this emergency for New London or Newington?
  • Step 3: The operator will ask Is this a home or work emergency?
  • Step 4: Give the operator the number you would like us to reach you at.
    (Dead air calls will be tracked by caller I.D. if the emergency is called in from an unrestricted phone)
  • Step 5: Hang up the phone after the operator tells you to.


The operator will call the proper B.C.S. management representatives based on the information you provide. The responding management representative will then call you at your home or the number provided. We will then advise you on how to handle your emergency. If necessary, our management personnel will be dispatched to your home or other location to help you handle your emergency. This system is designed to provide after hours crisis supports. It is not to be used for routine business matters or staffing issues during normal business hours.

Answered by an operator 24 / 7 Because we care.

"A live operator will direct your call."