Newington Office

2434 Berlin Turnpike
Newington, CT 06111
Phone: 860-666-4363
Fax: 860-666-5610

Waterford Office

556 Vauxhall St Extension
Waterford, CT 06385
Phone: 860-447-9911
Fax: 860-444-7036

After Hours Emergency

In an effort to better serve its customers our agency uses an enhanced emergency response system. Emergency Phone 860-656-6556

Customer Survey

According to our records you will soon be involved in an annual meeting about services provided by our agency. In an effort to better serve you, we are providing a questionnaire to gather information to understand how you think we are doing and to help us provide better supports and services.

1. Check your office location.

Newington   New London

2. Check the service provided that helps meet your needs or the needs of the person you represent.

Work Assistance   Home Assistance   Recreational Supports   All of the above   Other:

3. What do you like about our services?

4. What changes / improvements would you like to see for yourself, family member or assigned consumer?

5. Please rate the staff that helps you, your family member or assigned consumer:

Excellent Good Fair Poor

6. Would you recommend Buckingham Community Services Inc. to other people or families?

Yes No

Iím sure you understand that telling us who you are or who you represent is very helpful but not necessary for us to improve what we do. If you would like to provide us with your name and / or the initials of the person you're assisting with please do so below.